Short Stories – Rally Driver – one act play

Act 1, Scene 1

Setting, A cocktail bar in central London. Ben and Alana are wearing smart clothes as they have just fininshed work. Soft Jazz music playing.

Ben: ‘Fancy bumping into you here, I met you at Harrys’ engagement party.You’re Alana’

Alana: ‘Yes, I remember, you’re a professional racing driver, Ben, Harry’s friend from Slough Grammar.’

Ben: That’s me. Are you on your own? Can I buy you a drink?

Alana: Of course, but just one, A glass of white wine please. I’m meeting a friend friend later.’

Ben motions to the barman. 

Ben:’ Two glasses of white wine please?’

Barman: coming straight up’.

Ben’ what do you do Alana?’

Alana: ‘I’m a stockbroker in the city, I just finished work.’

Ben ‘Stressful job, but good pay. I’m doing the rally cup championship. I’m preparing for the Acropolis Rally in ‘Greece, I won it last year. So far this year I’v e done the San Remo in Spain, The Safari Rally in Africa, the Monte Carlo Rally, and The RAC  Rally of Great Britain.. I’ve won three of them.

Alana :‘Impressive, what are you doing later? I’d like to introduce  you to my friend.’

Ben:‘Sounds fine to me, I love the he company of a beautiful woman. Would you like to go for a spin in my Mercedes AMG?’

Alana: ‘I’d love to.’

Ben: ‘When are you free?’

Alana, ‘What about now? ‘Ive got some time’

Ben’: alright.’ 

Barman :’That’s five pounds please, ‘

Ben ‘:Here you are, keep the change’

They put on their coats.

Ben’ Harry’s  got a great woman’

Alana: What do you mean?’

Ben, ‘Only that I know her too well, but Harry’s forgiven me, we go back a long way.’

Alana:’ jolly good of him’.


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