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Video, from Snowman scenes in department store windows

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Poem – The Sea in its Knowledge and Truth

The Sea in its Knowledge and Truth
Watching the sea in its gushing entirety
And beauty, for amongst the waves,
There is knowledge and truth.
Skimming stones, as we used to,
Throwing, abandoning them to blue,
In all its eternity, remembering,
Lives forgotten and dreams to come.
Which never end, us we always exist,
Like the hued water to the edge,
Not knowing where it begins or
Where it flows, infinite reach,
To our future, populated
With our output and offspring,
Otherwise, what will keep us,
Together alone, as one hold hands tight.
Just as the water which can’t be held,
Holds our memories, takes our past,
All our deeds and what we love, deep,
Our woes and wars, for or against us,
Any thoughts on misdeeds,
In self-defence even.
With our lives flashing before us,
Collected in the depths of the sea.